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Food Category Food Description Popularity
Sausages and Luncheon Meats
Sausage, pork, chorizo, link or ground, cooked, pan-fried 1,911

Sausage, Italian, pork, mild, cooked, pan-fried 1,227

Liver sausage, liverwurst, pork 727

Braunschweiger (a liver sausage), pork 645

Pork sausage, link/patty, cooked, pan-fried 632

Polish sausage, pork 630

Luncheon sausage, pork and beef 594

Oscar Mayer, Smokies Sausage Little Cheese (pork, turkey) 584

Pork sausage rice links, brown and serve, cooked 560

Pork sausage, link/patty, fully cooked, microwaved 542

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