LogixPath Chef interactively guides a Professional Chef of a business, or a Family Chef for herself or family,
to unlock the secrets of food and nutrients, and to select and create nutritional and tasty foods.
Food Nutrition Lookup
View Common Foods Nutrition
Explore common foods in various food categories (such as Vegetables or Fruits), click a food to view its nutrition facts.
Search Food Nutrition
Lookup a food's nutrition facts by searching a food with food name phrase, such as "milk 2%".
Understand Nutrients
Understand Nutrients on Nutrition Label
Understand nutrients by interactively clicking a nutrient on a nutrition label, the application will present you the knowledge of the nutrient, such as what it is, its functions to human bodies, and food source examples.
Search Nutrients by Functions
Search nutrients by body functions which the nutrients have effects on. For example, search nutrients related to "Immune Function" or "Blood Pressure".
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