About LogixPath Chef

The COVID-19 pandemic since 2020 has presented significant challenges to people's health and daily lives. In these difficult times, maintaining a good and strong body, especially the immune system, is crucial for staying healthy while keeping the normal work and life going. Daily healthy diets and regular exercises can make our bodies more resistant to the invasion of virus and sickness caused by intrinsic or extrinsic factors.

In spring 2021, several good friends and I decided to make our health as a top prioritize. We dived into food nutrition science and started implementing healthier daily diets with the knowledge we learned. Our goal was to identify nutrient-rich Good foods, such as foods containing high amount of Vitamin C, Vitamin D, and Zinc which can boost our immune systems. And in the meantime, we would keep our intake of unhealthy nutrients, such as saturated fat, to a minimum, and also maintain a healthy body weight.

During our journey, we collectively pooled our food nutrition knowledge from various sources, including books, research papers, articles, and videos. In the meantime, I started writing some software code to fetch food nutrition data from USDA FoodData Central via its public APIs. This little tool can help us to view food nutrition facts so that we can identify "Good" foods vs. "Bad" foods. With numerous iterations of trial uses, suggestions, and enhancements, gradually a food nutrition software was formed.

The software was named as LogixPath Chef, which stands for Use Logical Pathway to guide a Chef to select and make nutritious and tasty foods.

LogixPath Chef, as the name suggests, merges logical pathways with culinary techniques to revolutionize how you select and prepare nutritious and delicious foods. Our software equips you with the essential knowledge of food nutrition, and tools to search and view a particular food's nutrition facts, enter and manage food recipes and analyze their nutrition facts, plan and track your daily food intakes and calculate the total amount of each nutrient and its percentage relative to the requirement. These knowledge and tools empower you to effectively find, prepare, and eat foods good for your health.

Since its launch in fall 2021 as a web application, and the introduction of a mobile app in spring 2022, LogixPath Chef has positively impacted the lives of thousands of people. It empowers them to understand food nutrition, make informed choices, design and create meals that support their well-being.

With our continuous commitment to studying food nutrition science and developing new features, LogixPath Chef team will be dedicated to help individuals have healthy and joyful lives.

Join the thousands of users who are already experiencing the fundamental changes LogixPath Chef has brought to their lives. Take a scientific and logical approach to taking charge of your health and happiness by having nutritious and delightful meals. Start your journey toward a healthier and more fulfilling life with LogixPath Chef now!

Founder Background

Linda Guo
Founder and CEO
Linda has more than 20 years enterprise software design, development, and management experiences. During her tenure at Autodesk, a world-wide leading software company, she designed and developed CAD software (including AutoCAD) and customer web portals and web services. She managed software development teams of Autodesk Customer Portal, Web Services for Autodesk CAD software, CRM applications (Customer Relationship Management), and Autodesk enterprise data management.
She has an Electrical Engineering bachelor degree majoring in Automatic Control Systems, a Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence master degree, and a Computer Science master degree focused on Database Theory.
Her extensive and strong academic, software development, and business management and leadership background enabled her to transform business and consumer needs to software solutions.