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LogixPath Chef Portal is a food and nutrition management software. Key features include:

  • My Foods management: for easier food lookup and references, users can mark some foundation foods (out of tens thousands of foods), customized foods, and recipes as their favorite foods. Currently we are developing additional MyFoods management features to make your food and nutrition management even easier.
  • Food recipes management: users can compose and manage food recipes. A recipe can contain step by step cooking instruction, ingredients, images, and videos. A recipe ingredient can be associated to a USDA food item, so that LogixPath Chef software can analyze recipe nutrition facts.
  • Customized Foods management: users can enter and organize commercially available food items and their nutrition facts.
  • Food intakes planning and tracking: this feature enables users to plan, track, and analyze daily intakes of basic foundation foods defined by USDA, and user entered customized foods and recipes. The nutrition analysis tool intelligently calculates and aggregates total nutrition facts based on food types and quantities.

With LogixPath Chef food, nutrition, and food intakes management tools, users can manage their (or their patients) daily diets to meet individuals' personalized nutrients requirements based on the health needs or the person's genome characteristics.

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A free LogixPath Chef Starter user account can manage all foundation foods fetched from USDA database, up to 30 custom recipes, 60 custom foods, and 600 food intake tracking records. For food industry businesses or professional dietitians, welcome to sign up LogixPath BusinessCentral Edition software services. It includes business operations management essential modules and LogixPath Chef application. For individuals who need to manage more foods and recipes, we will roll out a new software services tier in the near future.