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Manage Foods, Nutritions, Recipes, and Food Intakes
Home and professional chefs, nutritionists and dietitians use LogixPath Chef to unlock the secrets of food and nutrition,
select and create nutritious and tasty foods, plan and track daily food intakes.
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LogixPath Chef food nutrition lookup
Lookup a food's nutrition facts by entering the food name phrase, such as "milk 2%". Foods and nutrition data come from USDA Food database.
green pepper for AND keywords
@green pepper for EXACT match
green/pepper for OR keywords

Explore common foods in various food categories (such as Vegetables, Fruits, or Beef Products). In the page you can click a food to view its nutrition facts.

Understand food nutrients
Learn nutrients on food labels. Nutrients include common macronutrients, vitamins, and minerals. Users can search nutrients by nutrient name or the function in the body. Users can also learn nutrients interactions.
You can search nutrients by:
1) Nutrient name phrase, e.g. Vitamin C Or
2) Nutrient function, e.g. "Immune Function" or "Blood Pressure"
Vitamin C Nutrient Phrase
immune+antioxidant for AND keywords
immune function for EXACT match
immune/antioxidant: for OR keywords

Manage Your Foods, Recipes, and Diets
LogixPath Chef is a food nutrition focused Chef Portal. It enables users to manage their favorite foods, personalized recipes, and to plan and track their daily food intakes to meet individuals nutritional requirements.

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LogixPath Chef Recipe Management
Recipe Management
Recipe builder, management, and nutrition analysis. A recipe can contain step by step cooking instruction with ingredients, photos, and videos. The software can generate FDA compliant food nutrition labels.
LogixPath Chef Customized Foods Management
Customized Foods
Users can enter and organize customized foods with their nutrition information. Customized foods can be commercially available nutrition supplements, ready-to-eat foods, etc.
LogixPath Chef Diet Management
Diet Management
Daily food intake planning and tracking. Foods can be USDA foundation foods, customized foods, or recipe foods. The software automatically calculates intaken foods nutrition values and aggregates their total daily nutrition values.