About Us

Whenever people talk about Business Operations Management software, what comes to their mind is the traditional ERP/MES systems which are usually used by large corporations with abundant financial and IT resources.

While working for a large corporation's IT enterprise application development teams (10+ years) as a software engineer and then a senior manager, I often asked myself:

  • Without IT support, how can business users use such complicated systems?
  • Are there any light weight, intelligent, and easy to use solutions which can manage end to end key business processes and elements, and financially viable for small to medium size businesses?

Business Operations Management
After conducting research, we decided to build a business operations management software for SMEs. It would be designed for product development engineers, production personals, sales and purchasing departments, inventory managers, and project managers. The software can efficiently manage business information and processes in the lifecycles from sales order to product production or service execution.

Our Journey Started

Since its inception in 2012, LogixPath team has been doing extensive industry research by visiting businesses, touring manufacturing facilities, and conducting in-depth discussions with engineers and managers from various departments, including sales, purchasing, product development, production, inventory, and IT. From the research, we learned business processes from sales order to purchasing parts and material, and to producing products or performing services. We also learned the challenges businesses encounter every day. We listened to their feedback and wishes about the current software tools they use.

The companies we researched are across different industries and have different company sizes, they are from a few people company to 100s people mid-size company, and to tens of thousands people enterprise. These companies have different product production models and different supplier chain models. Some of them have global markets and some serve domestic market only. Some companies have their own manufacturing facilities, and others focus on product design and outsource the manufacturing.

Based on the industry research, we designed and developed LogixPath Operations Management software. The software is built with strong business object model and flexible customization on key business elements. One of our design philosophies is to provide easy to use tools, LogixPath software can be used by any business personals without special computer science training or IT support.

We collaborate with our customers, learn their business processes and listen to their needs, then provide them software solutions and tools. Together, we build a software platform which helps businesses to grow.

Founder Background

Linda Guo
Founder and CEO
Linda has more than 20 years enterprise software design, development, and management experiences. During her tenure at Autodesk, a world-wide leading software company, she designed and developed CAD software (including AutoCAD) and customer web portals and web services. She managed software development teams of Autodesk Customer Portal, Web Services for Autodesk CAD software, CRM applications (Customer Relationship Management), and Autodesk enterprise data management.
She has an Electrical Engineering bachelor degree majoring in Automatic Control Systems, a Computer Graphics and Artificial Intelligence master degree, and a Computer Science master degree focused on Database Theory.
Her extensive and strong academic, software development, and business management and leadership background enabled her to transform business and consumer needs to software solutions.

Hazel Sun
Business Partner
Hazel is the COO (Chief Operating Officer) and CFO (Chief Financial Officer) of a Chinese manufacturing company in household goods manufacturing industry with global customers and vendors. She has a Bachelor's degree in Management Science and Engineering. She has led a financial accounting group as a director in a public company.
Her more than 20 years extensive financial management and business operations management experiences plus her in-depth knowledge on operations management theory enables her to understand the business's needs on effective operations management software. She provides guidance on LogixPath software design which follows business operations processes and regulatory compliance.
She is committed to bring values to customers of her company and LogixPath customer companies via the LogixPath platform.