Commercially Available Customized Foods

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Food Category: Plant Based Foods
Found Food Count: 16

Food Category Food Name Brand Brand Company Popularity
Plant Based Foods
Burger 1: Beyond Burger
(FoodNum: 15)
Beyond Meat Beyond Meat 662

Burger 2: Impossible Burger
(FoodNum: 16)
Impossible Impossible Foods Inc. 627

Burger 3: MorningStar Farms® Veggie Grillers Prime® Burgers
(FoodNum: 17)
MorningStar Farms® Kellogg NA Co. 291

Burger 4: Boca Extra Large All American Veggie Burgers
(FoodNum: 19)
Boca The Kraft Heinz Company 313

Burger 5: Gardein Ultimate Plant-based Burger
(FoodNum: 18)
Gardein Conagra Brands 252

Chicken 1: Sweet Earth Mindful Chik'n™ Strips
(FoodNum: 26)
Sweet Earth Nestle goodNes 941

Chicken 2: Daring Original Plant Chicken Pieces
(FoodNum: 27)
Daring Daring Foods Inc 345

Chicken 3: Tofurky Lightly Seasoned Plant-Based Chick'n
(FoodNum: 28)
Tofurky The Tofurky Company 254

Chicken 4: Gardein Chipotle Lime Flavored Chick'n Tenders
(FoodNum: 25)
Gardein Conagra Brands 269

Milk (Almond): Almond Breeze Unsweetened Vanilla Almondmilk
(FoodNum: 23)
Almond Breeze Blue Diamond Growers 608

Milk (Almond): Silk Unsweet Almondmilk
(FoodNum: 14)
Silk WhiteWave Services, Inc. 310

Milk (Coconut): Silk Unsweet Coconutmilk
(FoodNum: 21)
Silk WhiteWave Services, Inc. 240

Milk (Oat): Oatly Low-Fat Oatmilk Chilled
(FoodNum: 24)
Oatly Oatly Inc 719

Milk (Oat): Silk 0g Sugar Oatmilk
(FoodNum: 20)
Silk WhiteWave Services, Inc. 286

Milk (Soy): Silk Organic Unsweet Soymilk
(FoodNum: 13)
Silk WhiteWave Services, Inc. 608

Milk: Ripple Unsweetened Original Plant-Based Milk
(FoodNum: 22)
Ripple Ripple Foods 334